About Us

We're making stuff for the rockers and rollers out there. Our stuff is for Rockers, Metalheads, for Punks and all other kind of people, who like it rough, raw and real. Period!

No hip or hop, no techno or other mambo jambo.

Our oldschoolhearts give the beat, and we follow. That's how we give birth to our stuff. We're not henchmen, ruminating the bullshit that others babble or do. We have our own opinion, point of view and no need to follow the mainstream, because we started this label for two reasons: Idealism and boredom.

Our goal is not to be the biggest label in the world...our goal is to be a true label!
We know the scum that we make stuff for, simply because we are also mutherfuckers.
So with time to spend and ideals in our soul, we started Deathmond.

For us it is important to support bands, festivals and what other call subculture (we call it our home). You all know the guy, that forced a tattooartist with money giving him oldschooldesigns to put on shirts, toilettpaper and whatever the fuck he could imagine to start a big sellout? Thats not our way! We believe, as much as we believe that to be an political uncorrect asshole could be sometimes better than being a sheep, that charity, cultural support and social obligation are tasks that always need to be taken by those who do stuff, those who use their voice and those who stand up! But with a brand, that is build up now, sold out tommorrow and been gone next wednesday, we could not give longterm support to those who need it. That's why we do our stuff differently!

So, we do what we do because we are what we are and in our opinion there is no need to change!

Rock on, stay rude, take care!